NEW BLENDED CHEMICAL PEELS!  Jamie is doing some exciting new things with blending different chemical peels and adding in lots of good stuff!  She is offering chemical peels for the month of October (thru 11/2) for $80 per treatment.  Call or text her today (she will be gone 10/8 thru 10/14)  Call or text her at (209) 712-7647.

KYBELLA:  Flat fee for Kybella!  One treatment:  $1200   Two treatments two months apart:  $2000.  Take advantage of this great deal and save hundreds of dollars today!  Call (209) 334-2448 or text (209) 327-0293

ASPIRE GALDERMA POINTS PROGRAM:Get an instant $20 off when we sign you up for the Aspire Rewards Program!  Now earn points on Restylane Lyft, Restylane, Restylane Silk, Sculptra and Dysport!  $20 instantly in the office when we sign you up and $20 per service (or per syringe of filler) to use towards your next visit.  Call/text for more information!  Text:  209-327-0293  Call:  209-334-2448

FREE CHEMICAL PEEL:  Brighten, tighten and reverse the aging process with chemical peels.  Purchase 3 light chemical peels* get the 4th one FREE (that's a savings of $75!)  Call/text Jamie Hummel, LE for more information or to make an appointment.  (209) 712-7647 *Three chemical peels must be purchased at same time .

FREE MICRODERMABRASION:  Great for collagen and elastin stimulation and smoothing rough skin...Purchase 3 microdermabrasions* and receive the 4th one FREE (Save $125!)  Get in on this great deal by calling/texting  Jamie Hummel, LE at (209) 712-7647 *Three microdermabrasions must be purchased at same time.

(209) 334-2448
Text:  (209) 327-0293

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